Cheerfully and Safely - An innovative program available for pre-schools, assuring safety and stable development of their students.

Modern management system for day nurseries

- A tool used to record the length of stay of children in a day nursery
- Clock-in and clock-out using special cards.
- Billing for meals and stay of a child in a day nursery.
- Manage any number of day nurseries from one panel - for example, as the owner of many nurseries
- A fully functional website: gallery, menu, news, calendar, any number of pages ...
- Mobile Apps that let parents have constant contact with a day nursery
- Efficient recruitment system, which allows the recruitment within one or more day nurseries
- Teaching materials, guides, online games suited to the preschooler by "intelligent knowledge base."
- You don't have to install any software on your computer! Everything's available after logging on

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What`s this?

What is

Get to know all the options of the innovative program for day nurseries:

Program preschool

1 Automatic calculation of
children`s stay in day nursery:

Thanks to special cards, the system automatically and accurately calculates and presents data relating to charges for the length of stay, meals and extra activities ...

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day nursery

2 CMS system to run the website:

It has never been easier. Now, thanks to the new innovative solutions, you can create and manage the day nurseries website by yourself. You can choose from a wide range of graphic templates. Here in one place you will have access to all elements such as the news feed, gallery, forum, menu, etc. which allow you to run and manage the website.

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day nursery management

3 Recruitment system
in the day nursery:

A simple and functional system that allows to conduct a comprehensive recruitment process in the day nursery ...

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4 Mobility,
applications for smartphones:

All functions offered by are always within the reach of your hand. All you need to do is download an application that will let you be close to your child while he/she is in the day nursery ...

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5 Teaching materials,
guides, games

Using an intelligent system with a dedicated knowledge base, you will have access to properly tailored teaching materials: handbooks, games, colouring books, etc. ...

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6 Calendar of event
with reminders:

Every information will be delivered directly to a smartphone, e-mail or parents` internal mail according to individual settings. Thanks to it, no important information will be missed ...

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7 An installation - Cloud Computing

It is a cloud computing based system. Therefore, all you need to do to start using is register on No more complicated installations on day nurseries computers. Contact us. We will answer all your questions and tell you more about e.g. how to start using the system FOR FREE

8 Help and support

We ensure constant support to help you get to know all the features of We are at your disposal at any time. Email us
It`s not everything...
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for day nursery

Advantages for day nursery :)

Thanks to zonenursery`s innovations, managing the day nursery has become incredibly simple. We have more time for playing and teaching children :)
Every child in our day nursery is able to make use of additional teaching materials that support his development.

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for Parents

Advantages for parents :)

Our son`s first days of the day nursery were a nightmare for us. Constant worries and anxiety were horrible. We worried whether we put him in a proper place or not...
Thanks to we feel calm, we know that he`s safe and well cared-for. :)

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